With Whooly, our goal is to help you find out what's happening in your neighborhood community, right now.

How does it work?

You might think of it as a little neighborhood networking tool, that does all the sorting and filtering for you so you can focus on what you really care about - the people, places, and events in your neighborhood.

Who's it for?

For now, Whooly only supports people in King County, Washington. In order to help locals connect -- as opposed to tourists -- we filter out people who do not say they are from a King County city somewhere in their Twitter profile. Be sure yours let us know where you are from!

How do I sign in?

You will need a Twitter account to sign in. Don't worry, we won't send messages for you, unless you explicitly do so through the site.


What do the owl icons on some people's profiles mean?

We have identified that some people are "community hubs" -- actively involved in the neighborhood conversation. They tend to be local bloggers, news agencies, or businesses. To help you find these community hubs, we put the owl icon on their profiles, and allowlist all their messages.

What if I want to join the conversation, but don't want to "spam" my friends?

If you want your message to appear only to those using Whooly or following our account, start your message with @whoolyit, e.g. '@whoolyit hey caphill neighbors, there's a rockin' block party in Cal Anderson this afternoon!'

Where did Whooly come from?

Whooly is an exerimental project from FUSE Labs, Microsoft Research. FUSE Labs explores new ways for users to create, connect and collaborate with the people, information and ideas that matter to them.

I have a lot of ideas for how to make Whooly better. Who do I talk to?

We would love to hear your feedback! Send an email to shellyfa@microsoft.com or fuse-rs@microsoft.com.

What are the terms of use?

You can find our terms of use here: Terms of Use and Privacy Statement